Online casino gaming is taking on and becoming more convenient than brick and mortar casinos. Just like the case with physical gaming platforms, settling on an online casino like takes a lot of research and consideration.

What Type of Gamer are You?

Your gaming style and preferences will determine what Android casino you choose. You can find this out by listing out the type of games you enjoy the most, how often you play and if you'll play for real money.

While the answers to these questions vary widely, they will form the basis for any online casino selection. They will determine what trade-offs you're willing to make and what features your perfect Android casino ought to have.

Go for a Platform With Your Favourite Games

There is no point in going for an Android casino that doesn't have a good percentage of the games you love. Compare your list of favourite games with what different platforms have on offer. Shortlist around five platforms.

While most online casinos offer a comprehensive game catalogue, you could easily identify platforms geared towards your preferences. For instance, some platforms specialize in slots while others focus on card games. You'll get more variety if you choose right.

Settle on Real Money or Virtual Money Play

Even though most Android casinos are real-money oriented, some might not let players from different locations deposit money and play real stakes games. If you are keen on making real money from your bets, ensure that you factor this in.

Confirm that the Android casino has a supported payment platform you can access and that it doesn't bar players from your geographical location. However, this shouldn't be a problem if you just want to practise or enjoy games without cashing.

How Often and How Far Do You Travel

Finally, you should consider how often and how far you travel. Again, this has to do with what countries approve the use of your favourite Android casino to be. You want to access your account on the go.

Additionally, you would want to avoid having to use VPNs every time you try to log into your account. However, support shouldn't be a problem if you want to play for fun without spending real money.

Bonuses are Important if You Play for Real Money

Finally, if you are playing real money games, consider leveraging as many bonuses offers as possible. Even though most bonuses have caveats, they are a great way to stretch your bets without putting your bankroll at risk.

With these guidelines, you can easily narrow down your list of potential Android casinos and end up with a couple that suits you. Do your due diligence to avoid ending up with multiple platforms that can't meet your gamer needs.